Start here. Hydrate right.

71% of the world is covered by it. 60% of the human body is filled with it. Water is the most crucial substance on Earth; let’s not forget that.

Remember, making your budget more aero isn’t about being a cheapskate, its about slimming down your consumption to the bare minimum while not trimming performance.

Gatorade was created 50 years ago for athletes. The electrolytes included help to keep athletes hydrated while improving functions. But is the price worth the benefits? Take a close look at the ingredients:


34 grams of sugar in that single bottle? Don’t waste your money. Even the products that are sugar-free don’t have much upside.


This product, marketed as a healthy-option from Sobe has zero calories, but also lacks other nutrition that is needed for a healthy diet.

Triathletes on a budget don’t need these drinks that are marketed to athletes and people trying to get onto a healthy diet. Water does the trick just fine, and is either extremely cheap or free in the case of tap-water. So next time you hit up the vending machine for a “healthy option” or sports drink, hit the vending machine instead. Your wallet and body will thank you.


If you really feel like you need the added nutrients, there are many options available for endurance athletes. A popular option is one that gives a boost in electrolytes and vitamins. For under $1 per serving, you can get the nutrition you need without all of the sugars and other unnecessary ingredients.

“Heed” from Hammer Nutrition is a great example of a product that has huge benefits and won’t break the bank.


As always, the point of being a budget minded triathlete isn’t to be a cut yourself short or leave anything on the table, but to cut out unnecessary expenses while optimizing athleticism to put your game on top.


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